Our Mission

Swan Energy has a single mission – to be a calculated and aggressive management and oversight company.

Under direction of our experienced and media-praised executives, we have invested in the company culture, style, and structure to help both us and our managed companies succeed.

First and foremost, we chase expansion across the spectrum of operations. Swan Energy’s management partnerships and companies cover most aspects of the energy, mining and transport industry, from exploration to the finished product. This breadth of experience gives us the best chance for financial success. It also gives us new challenges and new skills to sharpen our resolve.

Swan has geographic breadth to go with its operational versatility and consistently pursues opportunities wherever the chance is best for success across America. We have assets in Colorado, Oregon, Oklahoma and Texas, operations in Oregon, Oklahoma and Texas, and are continually searching for new business arenas.

No matter the region, industry, or company, we keep the most stringent level of respect for the risk inherent in business and dedicate ourselves to be transparent while we build business and personal relationships with every step we take forward.


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